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Sekinan Library was founded in 1986, where Oriental language has been researched


SRFL is the abbreviation of Sekinan Research Field of Language, which was founded in 2003 and has succeeded sekinan Library's research work mainly focused on language unniversals.  


SRFL has aimed to make a new model being considered since August 2015, assisted by the great work of Grisha Perelman. Since 2018 new theory QNT Quantum-Nerve Theory has been written till now 2020.

The theory is based on energy in language that is quite fantastic themes for me for long time. 

1 February 2016 
11 March 2020 Renewed






QNT Quantum- Nerve Theory
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  Genealogical Tree of Sekinan's Paper Sixth Edition






Topic Paper



Mathematical description for three elements of language universals
At least three elements for language universals


Time and Shape of Language
How is the time alive in language







Ideogram Paper

1. On Time Property Inherent in Characters 2003

2. Ideogram 2005

3. Egyptian Hieroglyph Exhibition, Journey through the Afterlife Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead by The British Museum 2012

4. ONO Shinobu and Bernhard Karlgren 2015

5Essence of Language 2016

6. The Days of Decipherment 2016

7. The Days of Ideogram 2017

8. The Days of Ideogram Note added Edition 2017

9. The comparison between 2003 and 2017
From Chinese character's meaning structure to Homological algebraic model of language universals

10. Time and Shape of Language from How is the time alive in language 2017

11. Connection between early paper's quantum and recent paper's geometry 7th edition 2017

12. Letter to Y. Of the century of language 2018

13.  Letter to Y. Of Broad Language 4th edition 2018

14. Determination of the concept, Broad Language 2018

15. Ars longa Seeing Masterpieces of French Landscape Paintings from the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow 2018

16.Letter to Y. Of Broad Language 4th Text revised edition With Note 2019





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Site Name History

SRFL has uploaded the papers on language universals since 2003, when the site name was using
Now its name is not adopted by not-using the self-managed website.

From 2014, I have mainly used Weebly site titled Sekinan initials. So crowned Sekinan sites contain mainly early papers and essays although being renewed appropriately. Also I have used Wix site for invitation being named SIL initials.

But the papers have gradually increased. In 2016 I have newly used Webnode site for the reason storing up more papers easily.  Webnode sites are titled mainly SRFL initials, which papers are from Middle to Present.    

Besides Weebly and Webnode, I have used Website, Site 123 for simplified and invitational  sites, so these sites are almost Modern papers and essays and understandable invitation articles to the study of language. Contained papers are rather few but probably more readable, especially to the first visiting learners of language problems, naming is ENSILA for Website and Sekinan for Site 123.

Now I have used Webnode for garner of papers and essays. Site123 is for classificational by themes and writing times. Webnode's this SRFL is adopted to main invitational site for the time being. 


3 September 2020
4 September 2020 revised

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Geometrization 2022

Letter to WPM. Maria Pires’ Schumann KINDERSZENEN 19 June 2020. P.S. added 9 August 2020 Generation Theorem Reprint 31 August 2020

31/08/2020 19:20

Zoho Theory and Paper

12/08/2020 11:55

Preparation for Geometrization Language

11/08/2020 19:28

Quantum space through Poisson manifold’s deformation quantization by Kontsevich. Translated by Google translate

11/08/2020 18:37

Ideogram Paper 1-18 With Addition. Total Edition

10/08/2020 23:06

Letter to Y. Of Broad Language 4th Edition ​ ​5 February 2018. Translated by Google translate 2020

24/07/2020 17:14

Sites of Sekinan Library

09/07/2020 22:48

Perelman's Approach 2

30/06/2020 14:32

Sekinan Energy. 2020

28/06/2020 17:35

Language and Spacetime Shift of Time From SAPIR Edward to KAWAMATA Yujiro. 2007

24/06/2020 18:50

Letter to RM From Ideogram to Quantum-Nerve Theory QNT. 23 November 2019

23/06/2020 19:33

Abstract from Wellspring, Energy and Brownian Motion of Language 2008. Related Papers added 2020

20/06/2020 22:55

Wellspring Connect Orient and West at Meaning. 2008

20/06/2020 22:53

Geometry is the only one expression for me to describe language universals containing the time which is one of the important elements of meaning. 2017. Translated by Google translate 2020

19/06/2020 23:04

Quantum Language between Quantum Theory for Language 2004 and Generation of Word 2008. 2018. Note on David Marr and Grisha Perelman. 2020

10/06/2020 19:10

Interpretation on Perelman’s work, Ricci flow and Geometrization conjecture by KOBAYASHI Ryoichi. Tokyo. 2011. Enlarged Edition 2020

10/06/2020 16:53

Perelman's Approach 2 Revised Edition

08/06/2020 19:27

Letter to WPM 2019-2020

08/06/2020 19:04

Letter to WPM From Quantum Theory for Language to David Marr and Grisha Perelman. 7 June 2020

08/06/2020 19:00

QNT Basis

Quantum Language between Quantum Theory for Language 2004 and Generation of Word 2008 adding their days and after A conclusion for the present on early papers of Sekinan Library. 2018

08/05/2020 19:16

The Complete Works of WANG Guowei, Revised. 2012

06/05/2020 22:31

To Winter. RI Ko. 2015. 3 Inscription of ancient China. Translated by Google translate 2020

06/05/2020 19:08

Letter to Y. Toward geometrization of language 8 January 2018. Translated by Google translate 2020

05/05/2020 22:47

To Winter RI Ko. 14 John Peabody Harrington, Roman Jakobson, FUKAYA Kenji, Maxim Kontsevich, ZHANG BInglin and Roger Penrose 14 Description of Language. 2015. Translated by Google translate 2020

05/05/2020 18:29

Sayama Assumption on Language. 2012

05/05/2020 18:28

​Letter to O and Letter to Y. 2018

04/05/2020 19:21

Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language Newly revised edition with Note, Note 2 and Note 3. 2003-2019. Original Japanese Edition

03/05/2020 19:34

Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language Newly revised edition with Note, Note 2 and Note 3. 2003-2019. Translated by Google translate 2020

03/05/2020 19:29

Prague in 1920s

26/04/2020 17:36

To Distance Theory and Reversion Theory / At the campus of university Abstract from The letter to O. again. 2 January 2018

26/04/2020 17:21

Letter to WPL Abstract from 4 February 2020

25/04/2020 22:55

1960s, 1970s, KIYOOKA Takayuki' poem, Quantum Theory for Language 2004 and Quantum-Nerve Theory 2020 / P.S. 3 8 February 2020

25/04/2020 22:36

What is signal? A mathematical model of nerve 2018-2019 and Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language 2003. Note 2, 2 May 2019

25/04/2020 22:33

Sixties, Luxun or Maodun, CHINO Eiichi Russian and KAJIMURA Hideki Korean and MAEDA Yoichi French. Note, 30 November 2014

25/04/2020 22:29

French Symbolism, Martinet, Bourbaki and Sergej Karcevskij. Note, 28 October 2014

25/04/2020 22:24

Language and Spacetime Time Flow in Word For KOHARI Akihiro and His Time

24/04/2020 22:29

Letter to Y. Of Broad Language 5th Edition

09/04/2020 20:02

Distance Theory Historical Review

07/04/2020 23:03

Hyperbolic Language Connection of Words. 2012-2020

07/04/2020 22:56

Distance of Word

07/04/2020 22:37

How is the time alive in language?

05/04/2020 19:51

Manuscript of Quantum Theory for Language 2003-2019 Newly revised edition with Note 3

02/04/2020 19:39

Essence of Language Seeing the exhibition TREASURES OF ANCIENT GREECE, Tokyo National Museum

18/03/2020 22:24

Farewell to Language Universals

18/03/2020 19:40

Half Farewell to Sergej Karcevskij and the Linguistic Circle of Prague with References

18/03/2020 19:39

Letter to WPM On the Root of Language. 23 February 2020

11/03/2020 19:15

The days when I was thinking on Energy Distance Theory 2014

11/03/2020 17:39

From Edward Sapir's theme 3rd Edition. 2019

11/03/2020 17:35

Ideogram Paper 1-16 With Addition

11/03/2020 16:39




Author and Foundation

10/11/2017 19:13

The days of Sekinan Library

02/11/2017 22:33

SRFL Site History 2003 - 2014

02/11/2017 22:27

History of SRFL

16/02/2016 11:16

Sekinan Library, SRFL and CHINO Eiichi

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